Cartage Services

Cartage Services

We haul almost any cargo type around the central Canterbury region, and most of our deliveries are made same day. In addition we transport stock around the South Island and beyond. Our nearly 50-strong vehicle fleet is modern and efficient, and our drivers are qualified and experienced professionals who will treat your cargo with the respect it deserves.

Stock Cartage

No matter what type of stock you’re moving – deer, cattle, sheep, or pigs – we can swiftly and safely transport it about the Canterbury region, the wider South Island and, if necessary, nationwide. Our certified drivers have the experience, qualifications and skills necessary to handle and transport your stock. All of our trucks are equipped with GPS, mobile phones and radio telephones, making staying up to the minute with your stock despatch easy.

Freight Cartage

Our main depot at Darfield and our satellite depot at Oxford are kept busy with a wide range of freight services. We handle freight-forwarding for larger companies to and from our central collection point in Christchurch and deliver furniture and many other types of freight to our rural customers. We also run daily vegetable and chiller truck services through Darfield and Oxford.

Bulk Cartage

We have a number of versatile units (aluminium bathtubs etc.) for the easy transport of bulk materials such as grain, shingle, palm kernal, and more. We also offer specialised rock carting trucks with heavy duty steel decks for the transport of river protection rocks and the like. Our grain vac and auger equipment is available for hire to assist in emptying silos/sheds. We also have bulk transport equipment for grain deliveries.

Fertiliser Spreading
Our fleet contains 4X4 spreading trucks, available for spreading lime and super, as well as specialist single-tyre 4X4s for spreading over crops like barley and wheat, capable of spreading up to 24 metres following any spray truck lines ("tram lines"). We utilise the latest GPS guidance technology for accuracy of fertiliser placement. We also have GPS tracking packages that can on request provide accurate proof of placement, with the time, date, product used and area spread recorded on a map.

Container Cartage (Hiab truck/swing lift)

We can make deliveries of empty containers and bins to your business or site, wait until you are ready for pick-up, and then deliver your cargo where needed. Our crane and swing lift trucks make loading at your site easy. We can also hiab out water troughs, pallets, tanks, pipes, farm machinery and more.

Log Cartage

We provide transport of logs around the entire Canterbury region and can also provide hire and use of self-loading equipment for logs. With more than five trucks now running  HPMV permits, to carry heavier weights in each trip.


Continuing our long partnership with harvesting specialists AH Chapman Contracting, we provide reliable modern truck and trailer units for transport during the harvest season.


Both our Darfield and Oxford depot sites are equipped with certified weighbridges for public use during business hours (Monday –Friday 8am-5pm).